Siberian expedition

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Siberian expedition

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In summer 2012 "Finval" research centre (Russia) organizes a zoologic
scientific and research expedition to the little-explored Siberian River
Yana. The expedition will sail down the river on a sail and motor boat from
Batagai settlement (headwaters) to Nizhneyansk village (the Republic of
Sakha-Yakutia - Eastern Siberia). The water route extension will constitute
800km. We also plan to take walking routes in the floodplains of the river.
The expedition will take place from 15 of July to 31 of July (just the

The Yana River is situated in the poorly-studied and underpopulated region
of Russia. The river begins on Verkhoyansk Range and flows into the Arctic
Ocean. The river banks are diverse - rocky as well as low-lying. In some
places the banks are glacial (thermoabrasion). In the floodplains of Yana
there are Siberian white crane nesting places. One can also see Ross' gulls,
gyrfalcons, black brants, Bewick's swans, rough-legged hawks, Great Grey
Owls and many other birds here. The region has not been investigated by
ornithologists for a long time. Remains of fossil fauna of the Quaternary
period - remains of mammoths, bisons and others may be found on the river
banks. The river confluents are full of fish (graylings, lenoks, taimens and
other fish). The river flows in mountain taiga, forest tundra and tundra
zones and is very picturesque.

Expedition fee equals $2150 US dollars and covers costs of meals in the
field, gasoline for outboard engine and generator, equipment provision and
servicing, preparation of invitation for visa issuance. The expedition fee
does not include expenses for cigarettes and alcohol, transport costs before
expedition starting place and after the place of expedition finishing point.

Cost of air travel from Moscow to Batagai settlement (via Yakutsk) and back
constitutes approximately $2600 US dollars.

We invite you to take part in expedition of professional explorers, bird
watchers and common wild nature lovers.

Contact us by Email:

The leader of the expedition is Semenov Andrey Romanovich.
Duccio Berzi, Presidente Canislupus Italia.

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