Viaggio di studio sul lupo etiopico, 12-22 nov 2011.

Opportunità di lavoro, studio e volontariato riguardanti il Lupo o la natura in genere
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Viaggio di studio sul lupo etiopico, 12-22 nov 2011.

Messaggio da Duccio » 24 lug 2011, 11:59

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Following the success of the Living with Wolves trip I organised with
Spencer Scott Travel last February we are offering another trip focusing in
the all important wolf breeding season.

An exclusive trail riding expedition in the remote Bale Mountains observing
Ethiopian wolves with their pups
12-22 November 2011
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Every day will be spent observing and helping to monitor different wolf
packs on this 11-day expedition in to the hinterland of Bale, and I'll share
with you many of the secrets of these remote, wild mountains. We will travel
on horse-back (no previous experience required) and on foot, through
mountain valleys amid giant lobelias and get close and personal with the
wolves. We will camp beside weird lava formations, watch raptors, and meet
the Oromo pastoralists that make Bale their home. Whilst the camping will be
to the highest standard available and as comfortable as practicably
possible, this expedition requires a reasonable level of fitness and a
spirit of adventure. You will be trekking on foot and horseback in remote
mountainous areas up to 4,200m. Luxury accommodation awaits you pre and post
your wolf viewing experience.

As you know Ethiopian wolves are the rarest African carnivore, and the only
wolf in Africa. I have been working to protect them and their wonderful
Afroalpine home for most of my professional life. Watching the wolves out in
the Bale Mountains remains one of the best perks of my job as a conservation
biologist, and this is something I would love to share with some of you.

Some 400 wolves remain in a handful of mountain enclaves, and more than half
are found in the Bale Mountains. I like to think of Bale as the Roof of
Africa; with a 1,000km² of Afroalpine meadows and Erica moorlands this is
indeed the largest mountain plateau on the continent. The wolves are the
guardians of these magic lands, visited only by a handful of hard-core
lupine enthusiasts and African travellers every year. I am only able to
share such an intimate experience with 6-9 guests and with the help of my
senior wolf monitors will split in to smaller groups of just 3 or 4 people.
Unlike other rare carnivores the wolves are easily found and observed. We
will be able to see wolf packs from close up, and observe their foraging and
social behaviour at a time when many packs will be looking after their pups.

With Spencer Scott Travel looking after all the arrangements for us you can
rest assured that this will be an exceptional and very personal safari, with
great attention paid to detail and your general welfare. So I do hope you
will be able to join me on this unique adventure to the Roof of Africa and
become one of the few privileged friends to get close to the wolves and
watch their intricate social behaviour.

If you think this expedition is for you contact Spencer Scott Travel
directly to check availability and to reserve your place.
Duccio Berzi, Presidente Canislupus Italia.

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