The bears and wolves are coming back! BZ 5/12/14

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The bears and wolves are coming back! BZ 5/12/14

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The bears and wolves are coming back!
Sustainable wildlife management in Euregio
Euregio Conference on 5th December 2014 at unibz

Over the past few years, wild animals have been going back to their natural habitats in the Alps which man had previously forced them to move away from. Our targeted repatriation programmes have contributed to the fact that bears are once again becoming part of our cultural landscape. Likewise, wolves are returning back to the Alps. In the past, the natural habitat of bears and wolveswas an unspoilt environment, whereas nowadays these wild animals have to share their habitats with humans living in a densely populated area which is intensively exploited by agriculture and forestry. The emerging problems and chances for the Society, as well as land use in the Alps, makes a broad discussion necessary based on scientific facts.
Therefore, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, in collaboration with the Universities of Innsbruck and Trento, will provide a discussion platform on this sometimes very emotionally handled topic. Scientists, wildlife managers, politicians, land users, affected and interested citizens can get in contact with each other and enter into a dialogue with the aim of developing a common-based and sustainable strategy regarding the management of bears and wolves in the Austrian-Italian Euregio region.
The conference is a joint initiative of the three Euregio universities of Bozen-Bolzano, Trento and Innsbruck. It aims to foster a dialogue between science, practice, and the public. Participation is free of charge and all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Topics, which experts will hold lectures/talks on:
1) Biology, ecology and history of bears and wolves in the Alps
2) Experiences with resettlement programs in Europe (e.g. LIFE Ursus Projects)
3) Strategies of environmental policy at the regional, national and European level
4) Sustainable wildlife management from an interdisciplinary perspective
5) Public relations: communication and information

Preliminary Programme
You can find the preliminray Programme here.

For organizational reasons we kindly ask you to register by writing to the following e-mail address, indicating your first and second name as well as your affiliation.
E-mail address:

Prof. Stefan Zerbe - Vice-Rector for Research / Professor for Environment and Applied Botany
Dr. Katrin Lambacher - EventManagement unibz ... fault.html
Duccio Berzi, Presidente Canislupus Italia.

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